Top 5 Ideas to Use Bamboo Lamp Shade for Decoration

It’s high time to revamp your spaces. If the dull areas haunt you, set your tools and get a bamboo lampshade in the first place. Bamboos are never out of fashion. The multitasking bamboo is exclusively used worldwide to craft a variety of things. The most sought-after bamboo craft, however, is the bamboo lampshade.

Bamboo lampshades are divine. No words can do justice to the elegance and beauty of these lampshades. The best part about bamboo lamp shades is they perfectly blend in vintage, bohemian, and minimal contemporary settings. And in every setting, they stand out as if these lampshades were exclusively designed for this particular setup. Apart from the outlook, the quality and shelf-life of the bamboo lampshade are highly valuable.

Without further ado, let’s explore the possibilities where the bamboo lamp shade can do magic.

Ideas to Use Bamboo Lamp Shades for Decoration

1. Decorate Your Dining Area With A Bamboo Lamp Shade

Dining areas are the casual spaces in homes where innovation can help you make memories. Revamping your dining space shows your dedication to turning your home into a cozy, welcoming place. Bamboo lamp shades create a vibe in your dining area. A dining area with a bar table, bar stools, and bamboo lampshade creates the best landscape. The lampshades add an exquisite look to the ordinary-looking dining area if your dining room has the casual setting of a dining table and chairs.

Hang some 3 to 4 lampshades in an asymmetrical manner with dim yellow lights and see the magic!

2. Hanging Bamboo Lampshades Across the Hallways

Decorating the hallways is quite a changeling. Challenging because these are narrow, straight passages that can’t accommodate much as we have to take care of the free movement through them. Considering the bamboo lamp shades for your hallways will undoubtedly garner your praise.

Hang bamboo lampshades throughout the hallway, adorning them either with dim lights or multi-colored lights to create the aura.

To enhance the overall look, add some cane, wicker, or bamboo baskets under or beside the console table in the hallway to complement the addition of bamboo shades.

3. Gazebo

Outdoors, gazebo, and bamboo lamp shades are the best trio. Spend your summer nights outside in your gazebo adorned with beautiful bamboo lampshades with dim lights. You can also add fanciful dry arrangements to the gazebo to exalt the look to new heights.

4. Reunion Parties

Great for parties, bamboo lamp shades have completely outdone others. You can decorate the outdoor venue on a bright sunny day by using lamp shade to the max. Instead of adoring them with lights, hang vines and flowers from them over the food table to earn a lot of WOWS.

5. Restaurants/Cafe

Restaurants and cafes are following the vintage approach for decor inspiration. Bamboo lamp shades are the best accessories to go with the theme. You can adorn your cafes with these shades with traditional lighting or by hanging vines, flowers, or other catchy items from them.


No other horse really stands a chance before the forever elegant bamboo lampshades. Elegance and charm are the best adjectives to define these shades. Good to go with almost every setting, bamboo lamp shades are multi-dimensional. Use them in your kitchens, dining areas, hallways, cafes, gardens, or the favorite nook in the house and enjoy the charm embracing you!



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